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Pastor Henrietta Thomas received a vision in 1998 which led her to establish Sarah’s Daughters Ministry.

The ministry was designed to help women of all ages,nationalities and cultures to reach their true potential. It focuses on women that are hurting and have lost their identity: women living in silent frustration that maybe feeling hopeless.


The goal of Sarah’s Daughters is to provoke each woman to reach on the inside   and allow God to bring forth what he’s instilled in them. To heal the broken hearted, to restore the lost and downtrodden and to tear down the walls of shame. God has equipped us to tear down the walls the enemy has built up in our hearts.We are no longer destitute but POWERFUL!

Pastor Henrietta Thomas seeks to empower, encourage, inform and inspire women to fulfill their true calling. Women are given biblical foundations to help them deal with life issues of today. Our goal is to empower women to live better, love better, serve better and give better, positioning them to make a kingdom impact.

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We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

We are a body of Believers committed to winning souls for Jesus Christ and  developing them in Christian living.


We believe in EMPOWERING individuals to LIVE better, LOVE better, and SERVE better;

POSITIONING them to make a greater Kingdom impact.


We are a bible believing church dedicated to teaching the True Gospel of Jesus Christ

and the fundamental life principles needed for Christian development.

Our Mission

Our Creed

We stand firmly in seeking the face of God so that we can reach our God given destiny.

As we take up the torch,

We resolve that

We won't be moved,

We won't be denied and

We won't give up.

We'll run steadfastly and boldly as we fight for our families, fight for our communities, and fight for the Kingdom of God.

We Need Your Support Today!

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